Welcome to Salvayou

Are you an artist? Do you like to travel? Would you like someone to take care of all the details and just arrive in the perfect place to do what you want, which is to paint? Do you like to learn and experience while you travel? Then Salvayou is the place and experience you want.


 Salvayou is my home, it is not a commercial location. I want to share it with other like-minded painters because it is so special. Extraordinary things need to be shared, so I invite you to participate in a unique experience.

Salvayou invites you to spend 7 days immersed in a bubble of plein air painting and excursions into the magnificent valleys of the Dordogne River. The mystical light that arrives in the early morning, and stays late into the day will inspire your artistic creativity; the historic setting, exceptional food, wine and the pampering of the team will cater to all the other senses. It's like a cruise but you can get off the boat!


Salvayou is located on 11 hectares of farm land and its 18th Century Farm House will be your atelier and center of activities for the week.  When not painting, you will take excursions to medieval towns and prehistoric caves. The plein air painting will be accompanied by gourmet picnic lunches and wine tastings."

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