Join us for art classes of poetic quietness with the beautiful Dordogne Valley as our backdrop and inspiration. The workshop is designed by painters for painters and offers 6 days of plein air painting for all mediums. Our instructor will guide you within the medium of your choice.

As the group is small he can encourage and guide the use of different techniques and subject matters. Most days the painting sessions will include plein air sessions at specific venues and then a retreat to the 18th century farm house to continue with painting and instruction. The region offers a unique experience and a wealth of different and distinct subject matters.

As artists we have chosen a variety of different challenges and approaches. The medieval villages lining the embankments of the Dordogne River offer water landscapes with architectural backgrounds. The outdoor markets offer color, texture, and local characters to draw. The UNESCO heritage buildings of Sarlat inspire pen and ink or charcoal drawings of exquisite architecture. Domme sits at the top of a mountain and offers spectacular perspectives of over 150 kilometers of farmland. The light of the Dordogne is intriguing and it's ancient soul captivates the imagination.

The region is called the birthplace of mankind but today we can enjoy the gift of history in living color. The cavemen dwellings crown the Templar crusaders fortresses bearing witness to thousands of years of history, and the creased faces of the paysan in the markets bring everyday life into beautiful medieval villages. There is no lack of material to inspire you.