1. Do I need to have any painting experience?

Our tutors are happy to have students with a wide range of painting experience, but this is not a course for beginners. Because the groups are small, informal and with an open atmosphere, everyone can benefit.     


2. Do I need to bring my own equipment?

We supply a materials list for guidance about what to bring. In general you will have a preference of media and so you can consult with the tutor prior to departure. We will provide you with information on where and when to ship your materials.        


3. How many participants are typically on a course?

5 to 6 participants.     


4 . Is the course price fully inclusive?

The price includes everything travel to and from London, lodging, and all meals except dinner on Monday and Tuesday. You also have to provide your own art materials.


5. I have difficulty in walking long distances. Will this be a problem?

The lodgings have staircases, and the excursions are to towns that have steep hills. You will need to be able-bodied and able to walk a mile or more.


6. Can you cater for my special dietary needs? 

The meals are all catered and requiere previous planning; therefore, it is complex to provide for special dietary needs.


7. Can I use the telephone to phone home and is there WiFi? 

Yes, you can phone home from the house. We ask students to time themselves and then pay a per minute rate. Emails can be received in an emergency. There is free access to WiFi in the main house. 


8. Are there shops in Le Buisson?

Yes, there are shops and restaurants in the town of Le Buisson where you will be staying. There is also a lovely market on Friday mornings. There is also a train station and a taxi stand. 

There are no shops or cafes near Salvayou. The nearest shops and cafes are 15 minutes by car. During your stay, however, there are plenty of opportunities to shop and sit in cafes on our painting trips to local villages. 


9. Do we go out painting every day?

Sunday morning, there is a trip to a local market at St. Cyprien which is not a painting trip. The group will normally go out at least once a day for painting in the landscape and the nearby villages. Saturdays are for arrivals and departures.



We will have a soiree prior to departure where all the participants will meet each other and we will show slides of the area. We can discuss all questions you may have.