My Story

Salvayou is my home. It is not a commercial location. I want to share it with other like-minded painters because it is so special. Extraordinary things need to be shared. 

I first came upon Salvayou on a full moon night. Fields of sunflowers lined the road and galaxies of bright stars led the way to a group of stone houses that stood warm and welcoming at the turnof the road. It was love at first sight.

That was over two decades ago. I have since discovered that it is not only the light that is exquisite in the Dordogne. The area is steeped in history from the prehistoric caves to the medieval castles that dot the Dordogne river. The 100 Year War was fought along this river and I find it amazing to canoe down the river looking up at medieval towns, topped by castles, and fringed by cave men dwellings.

The French keep this region a secret because it hides their family chateaux along with the best foie gras, duck and truffles. The English keep it a secret because they love their Bordeaux and Cahors wine and cherish the historical heritage of Aquitaine, the Crusaders  and Richard the Lion Heart.

I love the region for all of this but mostly for the light. The grey misty mornings, the bright blue middays and the yellow-green evenings. The light is magical here and it invites painting. The contrast of the 13 Century warm stone buildings against the blue green landscapes are easy broad brush, the medieval architecture make for challenging perspectives and the riverscapes offer exceptional plein aire painting subjects.

After I bought Salvayou I began to restore the 13th Century barn and to modernize the 18th Century farm house. Its been a long careful restoration using local artisans and materials. It is now fit to invite you in to enjoy. The best part are our sunsets over the seven valleys. I welcome you to my home as a stepping stone to explore and paint this